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LITIGATION.  A judicial controversy.  A contest in a court of justice, for the purpose of enforcing a right. Black's Law Dictionary.

WES LITIGATION GROUP LLC was founded on the belief that clients are best served when their attorneys are responsive, adaptable and flexible.

WES LITIGATION's "Legal Team" approach is designed to reduce clients' costs, increase and foster efficiencies, and create synergies between the firm and its clients.

While litigation, by definition, is unpredictable, WES LITIGATION constantly strives to deliver some certainty to its clients by performing early evaluations, which include the mapping of litigation strategy models, and constantly adapting those models to fit the challenges presented; all the while being mindful of its clients' budgetary concerns.  

WES LITIGATION has developed unique and innovative fee programs designed to deliver to its clients the highest level of legal services in the most cost effective manner possible.  

WES LITIGATION's Alternative Fee Program (based on "phases" of litigation) has been lauded as an innovative legal service solution built with clients, not billable hours, in mind.

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Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Nationwide Through a Network of Trusted Local Counsel

WES LITIGATION GROUP LLC is a Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)


WES Litigation appreciates that small business is the backbone of our country.  Unfortunately, "small business" usually means having little or no budget for the retention of an in-house attorney to advise them on everyday legal issues.  To their peril, these businesses usually turn to the internet to get DIY legal advice.  WES strives to provide small businesses with legal advice and counsel when they need it, and allow them to minimize their costs for legal fees.  Many small businesses fear the costs of legal fees when forced to retain outside counsel.  Further, many small businesses simply do not have the resources or need to hire in house counsel.  WES has developed their Small Business General Counsel Program in an effort to cross this bridge for their clients by meeting the needs faced by small businesses when their needs arise; all while alleviating the fears inherent in obtaining legal counsel.

Any large corporation will tell you how invaluable the services of an in-house attorney (General Counsel), whom they can call at a moment's notice (without worrying about receiving a large bill in the mail) can be. WES Litigation strives to level the playing field for small businesses by offering them an affordable "flat fee" General Counsel program.

Members of that program have full access to WES Litigation attorneys for a set number of hours per month, depending on the plan (hours used after the plan's hours are exhausted are billed on a reduced billable rate only available to members of the program).  

During the plan period, WES Litigation attorneys will be there to answers your legal questions, review routine documents, and give you the legal guidance you need. You get all of this without worrying about unexpectedly large legal bills arriving in your mail or inbox, which puts you in a better position to plan for and budget your resources.

Now you don't have to go it alone.

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