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LITIGATION.  A judicial controversy.  A contest in a court of justice, for the purpose of enforcing a right. Black's Law Dictionary.

WES LITIGATION GROUP LLC was founded on the belief that clients are best served when their attorneys are responsive, adaptable and flexible.

WES LITIGATION's "Legal Team" approach is designed to reduce clients' costs, increase and foster efficiencies, and create synergies between the firm and its clients.

While litigation, by definition, is unpredictable, WES LITIGATION constantly strives to deliver some certainty to its clients by performing early evaluations, which include the mapping of litigation strategy models, and constantly adapting those models to fit the challenges presented; all the while being mindful of its clients' budgetary concerns.  

WES LITIGATION has developed unique and innovative fee programs designed to deliver to its clients the highest level of legal services in the most cost effective manner possible.  

WES LITIGATION's Alternative Fee Program (based on "phases" of litigation) has been lauded as an innovative legal service solution built with clients, not billable hours, in mind.

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WES LITIGATION GROUP LLC is a Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)


While WES Litigation is made up of seasoned trial attorneys, we understand that trial, in most cases, should be the last option. Whether you are an individual, insurance company, small business or large multi-national corporation, when you are involved in litigation, costs can quickly eat away at your bottom line.

For most insurers and businesses, litigation accounts for one of the largest chunks of their yearly budgets. WES Litigation understands that litigation not only taxes you in terms of cost, but it also causes a disruption to your lives and businesses. Our "legal team" approach was developed with that in mind.  

WES Litigation strives to be a partner with you in making sure that costs are controlled. Budgeting is as important to us, as it is to you.  Our legal teams constantly review and evaluate their processes - from early case evaluation to trial - to make sure that our teams are operating at an optimal level and that waste is eliminated without compromising our clients' cases.  To that end, WES Litigation offers innovative Alternative Fee Programs designed to make legal budgeting easier. 

On every case, WES Litigation strives to perform an early case assessment, evaluating all options, to provide the most efficient and effective means possible for our clients to reach positive results.

Sometimes trial is inevitable. When that is the case, WES Litigation assesses the risks and collaborates with its clients to develop a strategy to aggressively prevail at trial.

WES Litigation regularly serves as national counsel, regional counsel and local counsel representing clients in both federal and state courts.

Our attorneys have had experience and success in trying cases involving: commercial contracts; product liability; automobile manufacturing liability & lemon law; condominium disputes; dram shop liability; automobile & premise liability; construction defects; transportation claims; and personal injury.

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