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LITIGATION.  A judicial controversy.  A contest in a court of justice, for the purpose of enforcing a right. Black's Law Dictionary.

WES LITIGATION GROUP LLC was founded on the belief that clients are best served when their attorneys are responsive, adaptable and flexible.

WES LITIGATION's "Legal Team" approach is designed to reduce clients' costs, increase and foster efficiencies, and create synergies between the firm and its clients.

While litigation, by definition, is unpredictable, WES LITIGATION constantly strives to deliver some certainty to its clients by performing early evaluations, which include the mapping of litigation strategy models, and constantly adapting those models to fit the challenges presented; all the while being mindful of its clients' budgetary concerns.  

WES LITIGATION has developed unique and innovative fee programs designed to deliver to its clients the highest level of legal services in the most cost effective manner possible.  

WES LITIGATION's Alternative Fee Program (based on "phases" of litigation) has been lauded as an innovative legal service solution built with clients, not billable hours, in mind.

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WES LITIGATION GROUP LLC is a Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)


WES Litigation was started with subrogation as its core purpose.  Subrogation continues and will always be an important part of the firm's overall practice model.  

The subrogation group, led by managing partner William Sylianteng, a thought-leader on subrogation best-practices, litigates cases nationwide through the use and assistance of trusted and experience local counsel.

WES Litigation believes that early and on-site investigations lead to greater subrogation recoveries and assist our clients in avoiding the common pitfalls to recovery including spoliation of evidence, mismanaged expert investigations, and failure to recognize "out of the box" pathways to recovery.

Our attorneys believe that our clients must be kept informed and involved throughout the investigation, negotiation, and litigation stages of a claim. It is our group’s belief that subrogation recoveries are maximized only when the firm and its clients work hand-in-hand. 

Additionally, the firm recognizes that every claim is a "loss" for both you and your insured.  Accordingly, the firm's attorneys do their best to make sure that every claim investigation is handled expeditiously, efficiently and in a fashion where costs are kept to minimum.  To that end, the subro group practices in the WES Litigation "Team Approach" to quickly identify efficient paths to your ultimate goal - a successful subrogation recovery.

Our group is made up of experienced insurance attorneys, who know the "business" of insurance.  As such, we recognize the "true costs" of litigation and the pursuit of subrogation claims.  With that in mind, WES Litigation offers to its clients alternative contingency fee arrangements and flat fee programs, so that you can have the peace of mind knowing that your case is being handled by excellent subrogation attorneys that not only have recovery in mind, but are also cognizant of the costs that it will take to get you that recovery.  

Since disaster can strike at any time, WES Litigation subrogation attorneys are available 24/7 via email. Additionally, our attorneys are available to work with your company in developing a subrogation program, specifically tailored to your needs, which will improve efficiencies and cut down waste.  

For more information about our group, contact Will at wes@weslitigation.com